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Lovers Pillow Memory Foam Pillow Anti-pressure Hand Pillow Neck Protection Slow Rebound Multi-function Bedding Pillow

The Life saving memory foam pillow for your arms, legs and head. We've all felt the dead arm after a cuddles session. 


Look no further the😍 lovers pillow😍 will give you the freedom not just to cuddle and be pain free. 😍

It's great when watching the TV, relaxing your head for meditation and a restful sleep. The memory foam anti-pressure function allows you to relax without feeling the strain on your limbs. Aiding a peaceful night sleep in comfort. There is nothing like a restless night or waking up with discomfort.

Joint pain anyone? it is easy on your knees at night and therefore provides ease for those with arthritis and swelling.

Now if that hasn't got you sold the Mr or Mrs will certainly be happy this isn't just a gift you them it's a gift for US😉  bonding time anyone?!

Thank us later! we love to hear your stories!


Weight: 0-0.5 kg
Filling: Memory Foam
Material: 100% Silk
Type: Memory Foam Bedding Pillow, Anti-pressure Hand Pillow,Couple Pillow
Feature: Neck Protection