Risers Transformations Course October 2021

Journaling Made Easy

Journaling Made Easy...

Have you ever heard others talk about how they love to journal and you simply do not know where to start? 

Have you ever been the person who simply struggles to be consistent with your journaling? 





We thought so!


Look no further! We have the goods...


So what does this Mini yet Mighty Course have in store?!


Module 1.

Learn the simple ways to incorporate journaling into your daily life and unlock the barriers that have initially stopped you from flourishing


Module 2. 

Here we will identify styles of journaling with exercises inside to get you going! We are all heart in this camp and it is about guiding you through the journey.


Module 3.

How to explore journaling for Self-Love...

This is beautiful, we will share with you prompts and ways to allow yourself to be free with your pen and paper, What self-love looks like when journaling and the health benefits surrounding it.

Module 4.

Self awareness is the key to your success with journaling. Understanding ourselves and what triggers us is important. What ignites the highs and lows so you can truly break through procrastination and self doubt!


If this wasn't enough... you also get a 20% discount off the self love journal with this investment! 

Oh you thought we had finished there...slow your roll! We also have a 1 hour group session that will allow you to build the habit daily! Hence this self study course will provide daily prompts for 30days! 

Get yours today! 


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