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September 01, 2020

The Hidden Effects Of EMF Exposure

Reducing your EMF exposures may protect against the key issues highlighted below. A growing body of evidence shows that cell phone and wireless radiation—at even very low levels—could harm our health in a number of different ways. Reducing your EMF exposures may help mitigate the key areas discussed below.
Please note that the key areas below are not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of how EMF exposures may affect your health.

Brain Development and Brain Health

Keep in mind that the brain does not complete development until the early- to mid- twenties. This means children have an increased risk of the effects of EMF exposure and deserve an additional level of precaution. Small influences on the developing brain can result in large impacts later in life.  

  • Let’s talk about Blood-brain barrier

    . Awareness of your EMF exposure is imperative. Research has been carried out regarding mobile phone radiation. When we look at our Blood-brain-barrier. There is a semi-permeable membrane that will help to protect your brain from damaging compounds in your blood.  Until now - 2018 it is still highly debated whether mobile phone radiation weakens you Blood-brain-barrier. Nevertheless Dr, Devra Davis has research dating from the early 1960s that shows signs EMF radiation weakens the membranes throughout our body. This can be found in her book called Disconnect Should the membranes become weaker our body becomes more susceptible to toxic compounds being absorbed into the brain, according to Dr, Devra Davis.
  • Brain's metabolism of glucose.

  • U.S. National Institutes of Health research study found that 50 minutes of exposure to cell phone radiation increased the metabolism of glucose in the brain areas closest to the antenna. According to Dr. Nora D. Volkow, the brain imaging scientist who heads the National Institute on Drug Abuse and led this ground-breaking research stated: “Even though the radio frequencies that are emitted from current cell phone technologies are very weak, they are able to activate the human brain to have an effect.”

  • Thermal versus non-thermal effects

  • Historically, studies of EMF risks focused on thermal effects. However, research on 3G and 4G has shown that non-thermal (non-heating) levels of this radiation can alter the brain’s electrical activity. Further study on the non-thermal effects from average EMF exposures (like from cell phones) has been an important development in understanding our health risks from our average EMF exposures.

  • Hyperactivity and other adverse effects to the brain.

  • Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chief of OB-GYN at Yale University, has shown that pregnant mice exposed to cell phone radiation have offspring with increased hyperactivity, decreased memory and altered brain development.

Shungite blocks EMF Radiation.

Brain Cancer

Studies in Europe show that people who have been using mobile phones heavily for over ten years have a doubled risk of brain cancer,  EMF Radiation is very real and the importance of EMF protection products and healing products is essential to combat the effects. Studies show teenagers are between four or five times more inclined to develop brain tumours in their late twenties. How shocking is that. Are you a parent, a friend, an aunt, colleague and you can see the high usage form young people around you being exposed to EMF Radiation. Pass this on and let them know. Better still direct them to  four to five times more brain tumours by their late twenties

  • In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization, classified microwave radiation from communication devices as a “possible carcinogen.” This is in the same category as lead, engine exhaust, DDT, and jet fuel.
  • Evidence has increased since 2011, indicating that cell phone and wireless radiation should be classified as a “probable carcinogen” because of increased brain cancer (Davis et al., 2015). "Those exposed at younger ages show up to eight times more brain cancer risk," according to the Environmental Health Trust.

Breast Cancer

The soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs some types of EMFs, including cell phone radiation. Case studies show young women who stored their cell phones in their bra for years developed unusual tumours right below the location of the antennas where they kept their phone. These women had no history of breast cancer or genetic predisposition to the disease so the assumption is that these tumours could be effects of EMF exposure. 

"Non-specific" Effects of EMF Exposure

There are many who are sensitive to EMFs and do not know it. Yo may experience  some relief of ongoing symptoms from reduced exposure. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Our 21 day digital detox programme is on the way.

Providing you some relief in the following symptoms: dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations), fatigue, Confusion, tiredness, lack of concentration, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, pain in joint, bone degeneration and digestive disturbances such as acid reflux, insomnia. EHS resembles multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), another disorder associated with low-level environmental exposures to chemicals. (World Health Organization, 2005)

Sleep Time and EMF Protection!

As we previously mentioned Insomnia, many studies have shown that EMF exposures can undermine your sleep quality, including the ability to create melatonin to help the body fall asleep naturally.  In addition, your duration of sleep - sleep quality have been shown to be affected. Hence why we are proactive in reminding you to sleep with your WI-FI switched off to reduce your EMF radiation exposure and to put your phone into flight mode. It has been shown that you need to be at least 4ft away from WI-FI to help reduce the effects it has on your cells. At this point you become over 80% less at risk.

Our brains need time to rest to clear the toxins which have been produced throughout the day. Various studies show that when you lack sleep there is a build up of these toxins that have been linked to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Prevention is far better than cure, so as an individual, mother, father, uncle aunt, friend how will we go about combating this. Furthermore, how can you help prevent yourself and family from being exposed to the effects of EMF radiation exposure?  It is serious and we need to become more aware of the effects.

Where can you get the right help to heal you both via products to protect exposure and plant-based herbs to help our body on a cellular level. this is a movement to keep ourselves aware and healthy.

 No bullshit. We are here to help mother nature. You need you and we need you.

Head to start now.


Reducing Your EMF Exposure

Harm from EMF exposure is real and something we should all be aware of. Currently, it's not a concern for the majority of people, but in the years to come the risks will be as common knowledge as those from smoking cigarettes or drug taking. Act now and protect yourself and loved ones.

Have you found EMFs are affecting your health?

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