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December 13, 2018

Is there proof that emf causes health issues? Yes there is!

Hi Everyone,

what does emf stand for? Electromagnetic frequency - now lets begin.

There is no doubt that EMF Radiation is real and we are simply not being made aware of the debilitating effects that electromagnetic radiation is doing. It is all around us, WI-FI mobile phones, Bluetooth. Now even our children are being exposed to this.

Sweden have now decided to create EMF free zones, for people who need a chance to recover so what is happening with the UK? Not a lot in all fairness. I myself struggle with electromagnetic hyper sensitivity. It initially started in March 2018, i couldn't even hold a mobile phone, have it on it the car with me or be around WI-FI. To say I was scared is an understatement, because my life as i knew it took a dramatic turn. My career was put on hold my body was crippled in pain and my only relief was sleep when i managed to drift off.

So what you'll all want to know is how I managed the pain, firstly it was about a complete detox mode from the effects of the emf radiation. Something that i have to maintain daily. 

Luckily for me i was already vegan, so i guess the effects had slowed down. Going vegan is great for your health and will help build the body to fight back the radiation exposure. EMF protection must start from your diet. They say you are what you eat. The statement resonates me everyday. Yes i have days i do want to consume some junk food, yet i think twice because i know my body is fighting a bigger war that most have no idea about.

The sauna became my best friend. Sweating my friends was the first things i started to do. Sweating out the toxins with lots of alkaline filtered water was my initial step. EVERYDAY! i went and eventually i started to feel relief from the effects of emf radiation. 

Your body needs a good amount of vitamin D, after going to the doctor and explaining my initial symptoms i had various blood tests and they found i lacked vitamin D and my iron had dropped. Boosters for both were well received yet i was still feeling the pain. 

Electromagnetic Waves and the effects.

Electromagnetic waves affect us more than we think especially the young, they seem to be so consumed on these new devices reinforced by social media addiction. Welcome to my world of anti-inflammatory herbs. I started taking curcumin which is found in turmeric it was amazing especially for pain relief. 

Until this day I am very conscious of the electromagnetic waves and the way it effects my body. Actively taking Spirulina, I have my tourmaline necklace on which you can find in the store.


I'll be sharing more with you all as we go along. Do us a favour and tell at least 10 people about EMF - better still send them straight to the website! 

If you haven't already start protecting yourself! :) Pick up a few items.


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